The South Islands only TPI registered Chiropractor

Stacey Medway Morgan (Doctor of Chiropractic) is the South Island’s only active Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) registered chiropractor, located at Knox Rehab Clinic, North Dunedin. You may be a casual weekend golfer or serious competitor – the principles are the same…….. to get your body working and functioning as well as it can for optimal results on the golf course!

Stacey says "My professional experience and unique approach will provide the traction necessary for athletes to hit the ground running. I personally work with each golf trainee to help them achieve their individual athletic goals. I push but I also motivate. Early on, I identify what each client is capable of with my goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential."

Lots of golfers want more power and distance when they play golf. An injury may be limiting your golf swing or you may have some swing characteristics that need to be identified to get your game to the next level. Either way, I can help. Contact me for more info on how I can help take your game to the next level.

Remember, the most important piece of golf equipment you own is your body!



Golfing and Pain

If playing a round of golf leaves you feeling pain or you have an existing injury/issue with your body we recommend that you receive a chiropractic initial consultation and treatment to get your pain under control and injury healed.

Chiropractic is often thought to deal only with the spine. But the modern methods of chiropractic look at functional movement assessment, biomechanics of the limbs, and rehabilitation to give a more rounded approach to an injury.

Back pain is the most common complaint among golfers, particularly as people grow older. However, hip, elbow, shoulder and neck pain are all common complaints from golfers of all ages.
A chiropractic assessment at Knox Rehab allows us to identify potential faulty movement patterns that are contributing to your pain. We then conduct orthopaedic and functional testing to arrive at a precise diagnosis of the painful tissue and an understanding of why the injury has happened. This information enables us to target treatment and create a rehabilitation / exercise plan to allow a quick return to golf, and to help prevent further golf related injuries.

Chiropractors are ACC treatment providers. If you’ve suffered an injury via an accident within the past 12 months you may be eligible for reduced treatment costs. We can complete and process your ACC claim during your initial consultation.


If you have pain that is related to an old injury or other causes (e.g. arthritis or repetitive strain) then you can simply receive treatment as a new client.

Please note we do offer student discounts.



Golfing and Performance

If you currently golf without pain and want to improve your performance on the course with….

Improved range of movement and flexibility

More power

Increased distance

Then our performance package is for you!

TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. We will record your golf swing and combine it with the results from a physical screening developed and utilized by Titleist Performance Institute. This is the same screening used on professional athletes at their headquarters in California. Limitations that we detect from your body during the assessment are then combined with your video analysis which help to identify key areas to focus on with specific exercises and drills. A typical assessment is 1 hour, with a follow up appointment where you will be provided with a detailed report of findings and a golf specific exercise program. A performance review is then recommended 3 months after the initial assessment to ensure you're progressing as expected.


Better mobility, flexibility and muscle memory patterns = better outcomes on the golf course and scorecard!

If this is of interest to you, please contact me either by using the contact form below or by calling our reception at Knox Rehab Clinic on 03 474 0517


Chiropractic Care

This is an initial consultation and treatment. Follow up treatments are $50.
Student and ACC discounts available.

Performance Package

Initial consultation including video analysis and TPI screening.
Follow up appointment to report findings & discuss exercise plan and drills.

Performance Review

Performance review and exercise progression (3 months from initial screen).

Firstly, I am not a golf pro! I am a novice but passionate advocate for the game. I first hit a ball during group lessons at a local club in 2014 – I was instantly hooked. I played during pregnancy and could even be found strolling the course having a quiet game on my due date!

My goal as a chiropractor specializing in golf performance is to provide players with a well functioning body to help them enjoy the best golf they’ve ever experienced. Being a generalized sports practitioner with little specialist knowledge does not interest me.

I am happy to work with and actively encourage collaboration with your preferred golf pro, contact me using the form below today to see if I can help.

Stacey x



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