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Image of a Southern Cross membership card; Knox Rehabilitation Clinic is an approved Southern Cross provider

Chiropractic has always been a very diverse profession. Our team are evidenced based practitioners that focus on the whole musculoskeletal system. 

From your first session, we combine what you tell us about your issue(s) with a hands-on assessment. This means treatment is tailored to you at every visit. We often provide specific lifestyle rehab plans that you can do in your own time to supplement your treatment and improve your rate of recovery. 


We consider various elements of your lifestyle that can affect your body and lead to symptoms, such as:

Repetitive stress | Emotional stress | Posture | Health and wellness | Effects of work or sports activities | How you lift and hold your children etc.


Clients frequently see our chiropractors for:

ACC injuries | Neck pain and whiplash | Headaches and migraines | Shoulder pain and injuries | Postural stress and repetitive strain | Shoulder and mid back pain | Low back pain | Leg length changes | Pins and needles or numbness | Sciatica | Disc injury | Wear and tear symptoms.


We can also help with:

  • New injuries: lifting injuries, sports related, trauma

  • Sports performance: muscle length and strength assessment

  • Maintenance care: some patients may benefit from top-up care at timely intervals

View some short videos on chiropractic care.

Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim available for members 

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What is unique about us?


Our chiropractors have each spent more than a decade honing their skillsets. As a result, our vast experience has led to KRC being a well established and trusted chiropractic provider for our community since 2013.

KRC chiropractors focus on more than spinal adjustments! It is very rare that we find a problem that only affects the spine. We place great importance on the treatment of joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to help you get the most from your session.

Flexible Appointment Times

Our follow-up sessions allow our chiro's plenty of time to work on all of the issues at hand. As our client, you have time to talk to us, explore your treatment plan and get to know us better.


We provide you with ways to help yourself as much as possible. This helps you make positive and sustainable changes to your lifestyle, reducing the likelihood of longstanding problems. We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ attitude to your care – you will have a care plan specific to what your body needs.


We have a diverse range of practitioners in-house. This means we can easily communicate and work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for you.


We provide chiropractic care in two handy locations, Dunedin CBD and Mosgiel. You can use our easy online booking system to check our availability or call our friendly administrator for more information. 

We have provided care to thousands of Dunedin residents. If chiropractic care is not suitable for you, we will refer you to another specialist.

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What do our chiropractors do?

Manipulation or Adjustments

Specific pressure is applied to a joint with speed leading to improved movement and decreased pain. Often there is a click or pop heard and felt by the patient. This is a gas bubble releasing from a joint.


This is a chiropractic device used to improve joint function and decrease muscular adhesions. The activator makes a clicking sound and its tension can be increased or decreased to suit the target joint. It is very useful for working on small joints such as the jaw, wrist and ankle.

Drop Technique

This utilises a function built into the chiropractic table. A portion of the bench lifts a few inches and drops when the chiropractor applies pressure.

Flexion Distraction

This is very beneficial for intervertebral disc injuries in the low back. The lower part of the chiropractic table is gently depressed creating negative pressure within the disc space being targeted. This modality assists extruded/bulging disc material to retract within the disc, relieving pressure on the neighbouring nerve structures.

Pelvic Blocking

A gentle therapy utilising blocks or wedges placed under the pelvis, incorporating breathing and movement patterns to stimulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, improve pain from intervertbral disc injuries and improve the function of the pelvis.

Soft Tissue Therapies

We blend a variety of soft tissue techniques from trigger point therapy, fascial release, massage and dry needling with chiropractic-specific skills to address the whole musculoskeletal system. 

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