Massage Therapy

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Our professional and experienced massage therapists based at our Dunedin clinic are available to provide 30, 60 and 90-minute appointments. Massage therapy is not available on ACC.


Patients frequently have massage with us for:

Stress management and relaxation | Sports injuries – muscle strain, trauma, mild tears | Aching muscles and joints | Repetitive stress and impingement syndromes | Muscle spasms | Headaches | Head, neck and shoulder tightness | Semi frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries | Low back, buttock and hip pain | Plantar fasciitis and achilles injury

What types of soft tissue massage treatment do we use?

We use a blend of massage techniques that are chosen specific to the needs of the patient. They include:

  • Deep tissue Massage

  • Myofascial release – incorporating movement into the massage

  • Remedial and Swedish Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Graston / instrument assisted

  • Trigger point therapy


Hot Stone Massage is available as a 90-minute appointment (only available with Jaz). Holistic therapies such as reflexology and Indian head massage may be available upon request.

The massage and chiropractic team work closely together to ensure patients receive the best possible care. Our massage therapists are able to provide recommendations relating to posture, exercises and stretches that will help improve the outcome of the appointment.

Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim available for members.

Bare back of a female client, being treated by a massage therapist

Benefits of Regular Massage

Regular massage can help relieve the effects of stress

  • decreasing the negative health responses related to chronic stress

  • decreasing both cortisol and insulin levels

  • stress-reducing hormones help calm the nervous system to decrease heart rate and breathing, relax

  • muscles and even improve digestion

  • increasing endorphins that stop the transmission of pain signals, thereby reducing sensitivity to pain

  • stimulates brainwave activity which induces deep sleep


Regular massage can help prevent muscle strains

  • reduce muscle tension through increased production of relaxing hormones

  • increase blood circulation and oxygen to tissues to aid in healing and promote tissue integrity

  • stimulate joint fluid production and improve elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to the joint


Regular massage will help improve posture

  • freeing up restrictions in tissue allows the body to structurally align more naturally

  • decreases muscle fatigue and tension resulting in less joint compression or friction, leading to less degeneration or arthritic changes

  • reduces the effects of postural patterns from overuse like sitting at a desk or heavy lifting, thereby extending your active lifestyle


Regular massage can help improve circulation

  • improving nutrition of tissue and elasticity of blood vessels

  • improving blood flow and therefore oxygen to tissues

  • lowering blood pressure by reducing stress that causes arterial blood vessel receptors to become less responsive due to overstimulation (high blood pressure)