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Informed Consent | Terms & Conditions

As a patient, you have the right to be informed about your health condition(s) and recommended treatment. The practitioners at Knox Rehab Clinic will discuss the potential benefits, risks and hazards involved. After signing the consent form, you may withdraw consent at any time.


Even the gentlest of therapies can potentially have side effects. Hence, the information you provide must be complete and inclusive of all health concerns and medications, including over the counter medications, supplements and herbs.

It is common to experience mild post treatment soreness within 24-48 hours of treatment. The serious side effects associated with spinal manipulation to the neck region are as low as 1 in 1.3 million manipulations and 1 in 10 million with low back manipulation.


KRC Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellations/changes to be advised by 5pm the day prior to your appointment.

  • Payment is due at time of appointment. Overdue credit accounts will be subject to late payment fees and any collection or legal costs incurred in debt recovery.

  • More than 2 missed appointments will be charged.


KRC reserve the right to withdraw the provision of treatment if our T&C’s are not met.

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